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Let's toast to knowledge and connection, one episode at a time!

The Data Pour, hosted by the one and only Steve MacLauchlan, brings you engaging conversations about data, technology, and life as we know it, all while enjoying the offerings of local breweries, coffee shops, and similar establishments around Richmond, VA. 

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Season 1 Trailer

Welcome to season 1 of The Data Pour, our new video interview series hosted by the one and only Steve MacLauchlan. On the first season of The Data Pour, we sat down with some fantastic people and enjoyed some fantastic brews! 

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Episode 1 featuring Chris Mowry

In our debut episode, we had the pleasure of sitting down with Chris Mowry from CIBT at The Veil Brewing Co.  Watch as they dive deep into fascinating topics like the future of data analytics, the impact of technology on our everyday lives, and of course, some fantastic brews!

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Episode 2 featuring Maddie Koeber

On our second episode, Steve MacLauchlan sat down with Maddie Koerber (CIO with Estes Forwarding Worldwide) at The Answer Brewpub. Watch as they discuss data challenges, creative problem-solving, rediscovering Richmond, and much more!

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Episode 3 featuring Aaron Baker

On our third episode, Steve sat down with Aaron Baker from CapTech at Rivers Edge Coffee Company. Watch as they dive deep into fascinating topics like the future of data analytics, the impact of technology on our everyday lives, and even beekeeping all while enjoying their "Red Eye!" 

The Data Pour Episode 4

Episode 4 featuring Fiona Towner

On this episode of The Data Pour, Steve and Fiona Towner (Head of Data, Luck Companies) visited Hardywood Craft Brewery. Watch as they discuss their journeys into data, the importance of staying curious, Gen AI, and much more all while trying some of Hardywood's awesome beers, like the Richmond Lager (a Richmond staple)!  

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Episode 5 featuring Todd Dube

On this episode of The Data Pour, Steve and Todd Dube (Carmax) discuss rva/tech summits, the importance of always starting with the "why" when exploring technology, tips on how to spot a scam, and how to cut through the noise and find the real value add in the noisy vendor market. These two didn't have to travel far with the Emblem coffee machine IN the Carmax office!


Episode 6 featuring Romain Lheritier

On our sixth and final episode of Season 1 of The Data Pour, Steve sat down with Romain Lheriter, Ippon Technologies CEO, at our company headquarters in Richmond, VA. Watch as they discuss the impact of data and technology in their lives and careers, what they are excited about with Gen AI and its effect on certain industries, and where they see tech in five to ten years, all while sharing some interesting facts about Ippon and sampling some seltzer water.

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Stay tuned for Season 2!

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