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Episode 5 Featuring Todd Dube

On this episode of The Data Pour, Steve and Todd Dube (Carmax) discuss rva/tech summits, the importance of always starting with the "why" when exploring technology, tips on how to spot a scam, and how to cut through the noise and find the real value add in the noisy vendor market. These two didn't have to travel far with the Emblem coffee machine IN the Carmax office!

Get to know Todd Dube:

Todd has been a Sr. Architect at CarMax for the past 6 years leading Data Engineering, ML, AI, and Data Science technology platforms and teams. Todd has over 25+ years in technology leadership and industries.

Let's toast to knowledge and connection, one episode at a time!

As we plan for our next season if you'd like to join us or have a venue recommendation, let us know!

Watch the full episode at the link below.

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