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Episode 6: Featuring Ippon CEO, Romain Lheritier

On our sixth and final episode of Season 1 of The Data Pour, Steve sat down with Romain Lheritier, Ippon Technologies CEO, at our company headquarters in Richmond, VA. Watch as they discuss the impact of data and technology in their lives and careers, what they are excited about with Gen AI and its effect on certain industries, and where they see tech in five to ten years, all while sharing some interesting facts about Ippon and sampling some seltzer water.

A little about Romain Lheritier:

Romain is a European-American with a rich 20-year background in Information Technology and Consulting, including significant experience in Insurance. His passion lies in harnessing diverse perspectives to craft robust solutions for complex challenges. Beyond work, Romain is an avid runner and marathon enthusiast, a former triathlete, and a dedicated geek at heart. He also prides myself on cooking a mean beef burgundy.

Let's toast to knowledge and connection, one episode at a time!

We hope you've enjoyed season 1! As we plan for our next season if you'd like to join us or have a venue recommendation, let us know!

Watch the full episode at the link below.

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