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The Future of Data Management: The Fourth Industrial Revolution

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Every organization aspires to make strategic investments that become outsized wins. Whether it’s integrating AI into work processes, migrating to the cloud, or voluntarily complying with the gold-standard General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for data security, all of these high-profile digital transformation initiatives have the potential to alter an organization’s entire future. 

But what does it take to achieve transformational wins? At the heart of every successful digital transformation initiative is effective data management. When an organization invests in mature data management practices, the organization can consistently generate actionable insights from data and create tangible business value. 

In The Future of Data Management, Ippon’s digital transformation experts introduce readers to what effective data management practices look like, plus how to identify different states of data management maturity, as measured across multiple discrete metrics. The purpose of this eBook is to show you that to achieve transformational wins that capture the attention of the C-suite, you need to first invest in evolving the maturity of your data management practices. That means doing the hard but strategically important work of building a masterful understanding of all data streams, the ways these data streams are interrelated, and how your data is getting used (or should be getting used) across the organization.

Take your first step toward planning the future state of data management in your organization: Download The Future of Data Management for free today. 

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